Middle Class Income Calculator for Major Metropolitan Areas, Cities and States in the United States (2011)

Every one has a different definition for what constitutes the "middle class" of the United States. One metric is household income between two-thirds and twice the median household income ( $59,127 in 2010 from the Pew Report, for a range of $39.4K to $118K.) However, across the country the median household income varies substantially, so I created this calculator so you can enter an income amount and see how that stands up to all the different known household incomes recorded across our great country (using 2012 data). I included a select field where you can also compare against the top areas (median over $75K or $85K) and the bottom areas (median under $50K) as well as just those places below and above the median. I have also now started adding select states just to make the comparison more fun! Let me know if you think I should add another state!
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